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Brenig Report 5/11/17

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This week at Llyn Brenig saw the start of the much awaited and eagerly anticipated Pike Week. With the weather holding fair for much of the week we had some fine fishing taking place and some fantastic pike caught. It wasn’t all plain sailing though as far as the weather was concerned as on Sunday the heavens opened and the temperature plummeted and we were reminded of what may be in store for us in the coming months.

However we couldn’t have really asked for better pike fishing weather conditions this week and we were rewarded with some excellent pike. Not only did we see some heavy weight pike being caught but as you can imagine the lures that were being used attracted some of the bigger trout.

Mr. Jack Finney for example and his boat partner Nick Price had a truly memorable day, catching five pike between them with Jack landing a monster 7lb trout as well. Another remarkable story is that of Charlie Chubb and his seven year old son Joe. Fishing for pike for the first time Joe managed to hook a whopping pike and with the help of his dad finally heaved it into the boat. The pike was almost as big as Joe and weighed in at 24.4lbs.The biggest pike of the week so far was caught by Adam Szadkowski from Bradford landing abeautiful 26lb 8oz Pike. Not only did he catch the biggest pike of the week but, along with his boat partner Tomos, caught a 24lb pike, a 19lb pike and also a 9lb 8oz Rainbow. All were returned to the lake safely to fight another day.Another fine pike, which tipped the scales at just under 20lbs, was caught by Mr. Craig Stockton.

As we all know fishing isn’t just about catching fish. Barbara Smith and her grandson Joel along with his friend Dylan were also pike fishing for the first time.Unfortunately they chose Sunday to try their luck which was by far the worst day of the week. The rain lashed down, the wind whipped the surface of the lake into a frenzy and it was cold enough to freeze the surface of hell (slight exaggeration). Despite all this they braved the elements and ventured forth into the great unknown but to no avail. Lessons were learnt and they will come back next year armed with a greater knowledge and more determined than ever to land one of the true predators of the deep. (They might want to bring some warm gloves as well next time!)

 So all in all we have had another successful Pike week. Don’t forget though that you can fish for pike right throughout the winter with winter rules applying.

Trout fishing is also available throughout the winter months with a three fish catch return for £11.50. There are only five boats available during this period so if you want a boat then please ring the Visitors Centre to book one.

Outside of Pike Week it has been a very quiet week as far as the fly fishing has gone with the rod average at 1.8 fish per angler. There has been some activity withMr. Mike Gaskew catching a nice 3lb 4oz fish along with four other lovely conditioned fish all caught on a green fritz and taken on a floating line.The top flies have been green and orange fritz, olive tadpole, green montana, cats whiskers and various boobies.

The top spots have been Sailing Club Bay, the Dam, Tower Bay and the Brenig Arm.The main gates will be shutting at 4.00pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 3.15pm.

This is the last fishing report of the year so all that is left for me to do is to once again thank all those fishermen who have visited this wonderful lake over the year for their cooperation and good humour. I shall be flying off to my beach hut in Bermuda and will be Marlin fishing in the Caribbean Sea so until then

Tight Lines – Jim Jenkins. Seasonal Ranger

Charlie and Joe Chubb – one for the family album!

Mr. Adam Szadkowski with the biggest Pike of the Week so far

Mr. Nick Price with his first ever Pike

Weeks Top Facts:

Bank Fishing Hotspots

Sailing Club Bay, Tower Bay and the Brenig Arm.

Boat Fishing Hotspots

Sailing Club Bay, the Dam, Tower Bay and the Brenig Arm.

Top Flies

Green and orange fritz, olive tadpole, green montana, cats whiskers and various boobies

Top Bag (For six fish caught)

12lbs 0oz - Mr. Mike Gaskew

Biggest Fish

26lb 8oz (Pike) - Mr. Adam Szadkowski from Bradford.

7lbs 0oz (Rainbow) – Mr. Jack Finney

Rod Average

1.8 fish per angler (Including fish returned).

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