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Brenig Report 8/10/17

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Literary drama relies on extreme events, be it hurricanes, earthquakes or revolutions,however, unfortunately for me but fortunately for the rest of mankind, none of these events occurred at Llyn Brenig this week which meant that we had a rather non eventful and undramatic week.

 A few showers, a smattering of wind, a twist of sunshine all combined to give us a week of rather pleasant weather. The overarching characteristic of the weather this week, I suppose, was the fact that it is getting noticeably cooler which will be a continuing theme as the days move inexorably towards those dreaded dark winter days.Enough about the weather I hear you say, what about the fishing?

 Well to continue the theme of a lack of drama the fishing has followed a similar vein to the weather; No monster fish were caught, no boats were tossed like confetti on raging waves, no stories were told of mighty and bold deeds, in fact all in all it was a quiet week on the fishing front.That, however, isn’t to say that it hasn’t been a good week for fishing (was that a double negative!?) as usually the less drama that there is in life the better it is for all concerned.

 That has definitely been true this week as the fishing has been very steady with a rod average of 3.2 fish per angler and a nice steady quality of fish as Mr. Rhoddri Wynne from Henllan pointed out when he wrote,‘fantastic fish, all between two and three pounds’. Now, that is steady and undramatic which is what we are all aiming for in life isn’t it? In fact Mr. Wynne recorded the biggest bag of the week which weighed in at a steady 15lbs 8oz! The biggest fish was also a nice steady 3lbs 8oz Rainbow which was caught by Mr. Nigel Cooban. I don’t want to overstate the word ‘steady’ as it is beginning to sound like the conservative party election slogan ‘strong and stable’ and we all know what happened there.

 We are entering that time of the year when the days are getting colder and shorter and the negative psychological effect of winter can impact upon us. There is however still plenty of fishing to look forward to and it is important that we make the effort to overcome our natural inclination of staying indoors and making a fire and force ourselves out of the house with our fishing rods strapped to our backs as this time of year can see some of the best fishing.

 The fish still seem to be highin the water and this week they are close to the bank and are takingjust below the surface. The bank fishermen seem to have doneparticularly well this week perhaps reinforcing the idea that thefish are close in to the shore. Another feature of the week is thatthe North end of the lake appears to be fishing as well now as it hasdone all year with Nant Glyn shore fishing particularly well. TowerBay, the dam wall and the Visitors Centre continue to provide goodsport for the boat fishermen who still seem a little reluctant toleave this part of the lake and try their hand in other parts of thelake which is understandable due to the productivity of Tower Bay andthe Dam Wall during the year.

 The top flies have been daddylong legs, minkies, hoppers, viva, cormorant, nymphs, damsel, blackpennel, black buzzers,and various blobs and boobies.

 The enthusiasm and optimism ofthe fishermen that come to fish at Llyn Brenig was perfectlyencapsulated by Mr.Russ Naylor when he wrote, ‘Had a great day,found some new spots to fish from, just didn’t catch any fish!’That’s what it’s all about really, having fun regardless of theoutcome.

 The main gates will be shutting at 6.15pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 5.30pm.

Tight Lines,

Jim Jenkins - Seasonal Ranger

Mr. Colin Turner from Oswestry with a brace of Rainbows caught off Nant Glyn shore

Weeks top facts:

Bank Fishing Hotspots

Nant Glyn shore, Tower Bay and the Visitors Centre

Boat Fishing Hotspots

Tower Bay, the Dam Wall and the Visitors Centre

Top Flies

Daddy long Legs, minkies, hoppers, viva, cormorant, nymphs, damsel, black pennel, black buzzers,and various blobs and boobies.

Top Bag (For six fish caught)

15lbs 9oz - Mr. Rhoddri Wynne from Henllan.

Biggest Fish

3lb 8oz -. Mr. Nigel Cooban

Rod Average

3.2 fish per angler (Including fish returned).

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