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Brenig Report 8/4/18

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We're doing a monthly (rather than weekly) catch report on the Foxons Blog this year but there's been so many enquiries about the "big one" caught at Brenig last week that we'll publish Jim Jenkin's report in full:

 The dragons’ tail of winter gave one last swipe here at Llyn Brenig last week lashing us with its icy barbs before petering out and disappearing into the ether like the Puff of our childhood years. The forecasters got it right once more as the Brenig, as predicted, was covered in snow last Monday but with the milder air moving in the snow turned to slush and by the end of the week we could definitely start feeling optimistic about the return of spring as the sun broke through the clouds and, with almost a sense of disbelief, we actually felt a little bit warm!With this milder air beginning to dominate during the week the fishing definitely took a turn for the better. The rod average of 5.0 fish per angler certainly testifies to this. With the water temperature on the increase the fish are a little higher in the water and are definitely coming out of their winter slumber and becoming more active. The same could be said for some of the fishermen!

 Mr. Chris Porteous certainly found the conditions ‘perfect between the dam and the jetty’ catching seven fish which included a 3lb 8oz Rainbow. I do sometimes feel like a radio DJ on a chat show as without people phoning in there would be no show similarly withoutfishermen returning their catch returns there would be no fishing report (or a very short one!) So keep them coming in with your comments as they are much appreciated. A further incentive to give in your catch returns is that we are reviving our ‘catch return’monthly draw. The winner will receive a free boat for the day. The winner for the March draw is Mr. Rhodri Wynne from Henllan.

 There have also been some really nice over wintered fish caught with Mr. Tom Sinton commenting that he’d caught an overwintered fish that was in ‘stunning condition and fought well above its weight’. Mr. Graham Dawes from Wirral Game Fishing Club also caught an over wintered fish which was full finned and in perfect condition’.These over wintered fish are the fish that every fisherman aspires to as they have become acclimatised to the lake and are more difficult to catch and are very often superb looking fish.

 Talking of which our very own fish farmer Jack Finney was fishing for his supper between the gruelling task of grading the fish when his line disappeared into the depths of the Brenig. He thought he’d hooked a NATO submarine on exercises but what he had hooked was an enormous Rainbow trout, probably the biggest that has come out of the lake for many a year. The trout, when it was landed weighed over 16lbs and was returned safely to the lake. Now the real significance of that is that the Brenig Monster Mash is due to take place on Saturday April 28th which means that there are some really huge fish around the cages that are waiting to be caught by some lucky fishermen.

 Apart from this monster of a fish the biggest fish of the week was caught by Mr. D. P. Roberts and weighed in at 4lbs 8oz. The biggest bag of the week was caught by Mr. John Davies from Montgomery for the second week running (He needs to buy a lottery ticket!) and weighed in at 17lbs 0oz.

 The hot spots this week for bank fishermen have been Tower Bay, Sailing Club Bay, the Brenig Arm and the Visitors Centre.Boat fishermen have found success in the Brenig Arm, Tower Bay, along theDam Wall, Hafod Lom and the Quarry.

 The top flies have been Connemara black, gold head damsel, olive damsel, cat’s whiskers, cormorant, green lure and various blobs and boobies.

 We have had a number of sightings this week of the Osprey which is fantastic news. One has been seen on the Osprey nest which augurs well for the future of this magnificent bird at the Brenig. We would urge everyone to observe the warning signs near to the nesting areas.

 The main gates will be shutting at 6.15pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 5.30pm.

Tight Lines –

Jim Jenkins – Seasonal Ranger.

Mr. Ben Boardman from Liverpool shows off two fine fish.

Mr. Jack Finney whets our appetite for the Monster Mash in two weeks’ time with this magnificent 16lb Rainbow trout.

Weeks Top Facts:

Bank Fishing Hotspots

Tower Bay, Sailing Club Bay, the Brenig Arm and the Visitors Centre.

Boat Fishing Hotspots

Brenig Arm, Tower Bay, along the Dam Wall, Hafod Lom and the Quarry.

Top Flies

Connemara black, gold head damsel, olive damsel, cat’s whiskers, cormorant, green lure and various blobs and boobies

Top Bag (For six fish caught)

17lbs 0oz - by Mr. John Davies from Montgomery

Biggest Fish

4lbs 8oz - Mr. D. P. Roberts.

Rod Average

5.0 fish per angler (Including fish returned)

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