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Report Week Ending 12th July

A reasonable week of weather was experienced at Llyn Brenig this week with some lovely sunny spells interspersed with a few heavy showers of rain. The air temperature has been quite high as has the water temperature which is now averaging 15.5 degrees C. With the warmer weather there have been more hatches of fly life with the heather fly for example making an appearance during the week. Very often at this time of year due to the warmer weather many lakes suffer from a build-up of algae and weeds however because of a number of factors such as altitude and its unique ecosystem Llyn Brenig escapes this problem. Mr. Griffiths from Wrexham commented on this phenomena when he wrote that he has ‘fished Chew valley, Eyebrook, Rutland Water and others and all are plagued by masses of weeds and it is wonderful that the Brenig is so free of weeds’. Any fishermen will tell you that there is nothing worse when you go fishing than pulling your line in and getting tangled up in weeds. So amongst the many attributes that the Brenig has being a ‘weed free’ zone is certainly high up on the list. 
The warmer weather has also had an impact on the fishing as there has been a definite increase in the amount of fish frequenting the top layers of the water and therefore taking dry flies. Fishing a floating line with dry flies is the ultimate experience for a fly fisherman and therefore at this time of year the fisherman needs to ‘make hay whilst the sun is shining’.
The rod average this week has fallen again slightly when compared to previous weeks and stands at 3.2 fish per angler. It seems that the boat anglers are having greater success than the bank anglers due to the fish moving further away from the shore in order to make the most of the fly life on the water. The top fish this week was caught by Mr. Peers from Anglesey who described his 3 lb 0 oz rainbow as a ‘beautiful fish with a massive tail’. The top bag for the week was a very healthy 13 lbs 5 oz for six fish caught and was claimed by Mr. Malcolm Rough.  
On Thursday the North Wales Police held a competition and had a very successful day with fifteen anglers taking part and averaging 3.7 fish per angler. The top rod with a deserved bag of nine was Ian Hughes, in second place was Darryl Price with six fish caught and Ian Jones came in third with five fish caught.

The wind direction this week has been predominantly from the South with some variations and this has led to the hot spots lying mainly at the top of the lake with the Ring of Stones, the Brenig Arm and the Coves fishing well although Tower Bay and the Dam have also been productive. Mr. Tony Bevan commented that he’d had a fantastic day of fishing just off the Coves in fairly deep water with fish rising all over the place and taking the dry fly.
The top flies for this week have been damsel, buzzers, viva, daddy long legs, cruncher, klink hammer and dabbler. 
Sunday saw round three of the Brenig Trout League taking place with the top teams locked in a close fight for the top spot. The conditions for the days fishing were ideal with a warm breeze and overcast skies but I will have to leave you in suspense until next week for the results as the report has to go to press before the boats have come in due to circumstances beyond our control – as they say. Think of it like an episode of Coronation Street with the outcome still hanging in the balance – was it Tracey Barlow that did it or was it Aled Dixon!! We will find out next week.
The main gates will be closing at 9.00 pm and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 8.15 pm.


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