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Report Week ending 22nd March

With the new fishing season only a week old it hasn’t taken long for the Brenig to return to its glorious best. The weather has improved gradually over the week culminating in a stupendous weekend of blue skies and sunshine. The fishing also seemed to be taking its cue from the weather with a relatively difficult start to the fishing week but finishing on a high with the fish practically jumping into the boats by the weekend. With the increase in the water temperature the fish have started to leave the dark and murky depths of the lake and have begun to seek the higher water levels and as a result a number of fish have been caught on or near the surface. But let’s just stay with the weather for a minute as it has been a real tonic after the cold and bleak days that we have been recently experiencing. Not only is the warmer weather good for the cyclists and walkers who come to the Brenig but it is also beneficial to the fishermen because as the weather warms up so will the metabolic rate of the fish and not only will they be feeding more but they will also be fighting more (the fish not the fishermen!!), which is all to the good. 
To prove the point that this has been an exceptional week for the fishing the rod average for this week stands at 6.8 fish per angler which is one of the highest weekly rod averages for a number of years and considering that this is just the start of the season it augurs well for the coming months. The fish have also been of a very good quality with lots of fish of 2 lbs and over and some really nice, full tailed over wintered fish being caught. With such good catch returns there have, naturally, been some excellent bags with Mr. David Gilbert from Colwyn Bay and Mr. D. Jones from Denbigh both claiming the top bag of 14 lbs 7 oz for six fish caught. Mr Jones from Denbigh can also lay claim to the biggest fish catching not one but two 3 lb rainbows. There have also been some other cracking fish caught with Mr. Glyn Jones from Rhuddlan catching a splendid 2 lb 10 oz Rainbow and Mr. Richard Hughes landing a fine 2 lb 8 oz rainbow. Congratulations to all those mentioned and I shall look forward to writing future reports about the exploits of the intrepid fishermen of the Brenig. It is a curious thing that when one watches a fisherman from afar as he lands a fish it all looks so peaceful and tranquil yet for the fisherman there is a huge surge of adrenalin and excitement as the fish strikes and the primeval battle begins and all this is hidden from the casual observer. It is similar to watching an Osprey strike and take a fish from the lake as from a far it is a thing of beauty and grace but to the two adversaries it is a struggle that is as old as life and death itself.
The top flies this week have been cat’s whiskers, various boobies, montana, nymphs and damsel.
The lake has generally fished well in all areas but Hafod Lom has been particularly prolific for the boat fishermen.
The new fishing rules are now available for anglers. A major change this year is that during the stocking season (Mid- March to the end of October) pike fly fishing is allowed from a boat and at a reduced permit rate. From November through to February pike fishing will be permitted using coarse methods within the Brenig fishing guidelines. Trout fishing will also now be open for 50 weeks of the year, only closing for the two weeks before the start of the new season. For further information please contact Mark Evans at the Brenig Visitors Centre.


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