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Brenig Report

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Report Week ending 28th June.

The warmer weather has finally arrived at Llyn Brenig this week with some lovely evening sunshine and warmer winds blowing in from the South. The weather has however been a little inconsistent at times and has on occasions flattered to deceive and this has led to some inconsistencies with the fishing with some days proving ideal for the fishermen and other days being less than ideal. The low down on the best methods for fishing has been pulling boobies on a sinking DI 5 line whilst working the fly on the top four feet of water using a midge tip on a washing line. Dry flies have caught but due to the fluctuations in the weather this hasn’t always been the case. It has been one of those weeks when some fishermen have done really well whereas others have struggled.  One of our regular fishermen for example commented that he’d had the two best days of fishing this week in over forty years of fishing whereas another fisherman was ringing up the centre and wondering if we had put any fish into the lake as he was struggling so much to catch one. We can assure him that we stock a thousand fish every week and if he isn’t catching then it’s not because of the lack of fish but simply, in fishing terms, it’s just ‘one of those days’!! I often hear fishermen say that the fishing has been ‘hard work’ and I suppose this week has been one of those times although I do wonder that if they think that fishing is hard work how would they describe a 12 hour shift working down a coal mine!!
This week’s rod average of 3.4 fish per angler does reflect the rather up and down nature of this week’s fishing. This has been the lowest rod average for a while and perhaps shows that the change in the weather has had quite a sizeable impact on the fishing. However there have been some nice fish caught with several fish of 3 lbs being recorded but the top fish this week was a 3 lb 2 oz rainbow that was landed by Mr. David Owen from Deganwy. The top bag this week weighed in at 12 lbs 10 oz and was caught by Mr. J. Dickens from Northwich. 
Fishing is definitely a past time that spans all generations. On Saturday a gentleman of 93 was fishing with his son from a boat and had a thoroughly enjoyable day although I think his son might reserve judgement on his day as his father hooked him in his back; twice! In contrast last week Llyn Brenig was the venue for a number of Eco days. This involved several local primary schools and was organised by Mr. Rhoddri Sellars Education Officer for Welsh Water. One of the events that the children took part in was learning how to cast a fly fishing line. We hope that we might have inspired some of the youngsters to take up the sport in the future so that they will still be enjoying the art of fly fishing well into their 90’s.
On Sunday the Moc Morgan Classic was held at Llyn Brenig. This was in memory of Moc who passed away recently. Moc was a great supporter of the youth of Wales and the day reflected the great esteem that Moc was held in. The day was a fitting tribute to Moc and he would have had a great time if he had been with us. The rod average was 5.2 fish per angler and the top rod was Gareth Evans from Machynleth who caught 24 fish in total. In second place was Wayne Jones and third place went to James Raw. The biggest fish caught was 2 lbs 14 oz. This event will be held every year and it will help to keep Moc’s legacy alive and well.
The hot spots this week have been Nant Glyn, the Ring of Stones and Tower Bay.
The top flies for this week are coral boobies, claret dabbler, orange fritz, haul y gwynt and diawl bach.
Next Sunday, July 4th, the Airflo Anglian Water competition will be taking place. All the boats have been booked.


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