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Daves Irish Tale

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Here's a copy of a great blog post by one of our customers and member of BASS, Dave Buckley.
"A fish just followed your lure" said John over my right shoulder. "Recast to the same spot if you can," he urged, as i carefully took aim. The cast was good, the surface plug landing 20 meters away nest to the partially submerged rock. Taking up the slack, I began to work the plug back to the shore. My eyes were struggling as the sun started to rise. I made a mental note to always carry some spare glasses after losing mine the previous day. Suddenly the was a flash - its seen it. I was brought back to reality. Slow the lure down as this wave crests in. My senses were on full alert as the popper came within 10 meters of my feet. The wave began to roll, time seemed to stand still as the attacking bass engulfed my lure. The rod doubled and the clutch screamed, as the fish took off against the drag. I remained as calm as I could. 
George, fishing a few yards to my left was full of praise as I hung onto my first Irish bass. I listened intently to John's expert instruction as I played the fish, hoping with every fibre on my body that the hooks would hold. "Looks like a double to me " said John, moving forward to land it. This sent my heart into my mouth. Slow motion kicked in as the fish turned and ran straight at me. I saw that both trebles were well in, so I knew if I could get the leader knot onto the reel the fish would be mine. Seconds later i was holding her in my arms, cradling her like a new born child. "What weight do you reckon?" "A good 9lb" was the reply, but I didn't really care. I held her gently as the seawater pumped through her gills until, with a firm kick she was gone. "Time for another one, Boy" said John as we all shook hands. "To be honest I'm not really that bothered now." John looked dejected  but I had caught my fish of the day. I sat there enjoying the last few moments of the sunrise, watching Richard, Jack and George. I was content in the knowledge that i had come to Ireland, just like the pioneers - Anthony Pearson and Clive Gammon and caught a good bass. The feeling was grand !



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