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Last week Shaun was lucky enough to wangle an invite to fish a gorgeous private estate lake in the Shropshire country side, thanks to his Dad, who also went along for a cast or two.  It's the type of lake that you only imagine in dreams, overgrown but not unfishable, doesn't see another angler from one year to the next, overlooked by a grand house and best of all full of an exciting assortment of fish.  Sometimes these places are just too good to be true and struggle to live up to any expectations you might have... but on this occasion it was everything they could have hoped for.

They both tackled up for Perch and Pike with small lightweight spinning kits and the usual suspects in soft plastics and jig heads.  After just a few casts it was apparent to Shaun that this method was going to be a total waste of time (and patience) because of the weed in the lake.  It's quite shallow and after the warm summer we've just had the weed had gone crazy, making fishing any sort of sub surface method virtually impossible.  Back to the drawing board, or the lure box in this case!

Shauns Dad Tony, being the more stubborn (or patient) of the two, stuck to his guns and continued to use his new favourtie method of fishing, small jig heads and jelly worms.  He managed to find a few spots around the lake edges and between the weed beds that were just about fishable and started catching lots of small Perch straight away, much to his delight.

In the mean time Shaun had found a Savage Gear surface lure in one of his tackle boxes, and with the first cast knew he'd made the right choice.  The fish were coming from all directions to attack this lure, probably something they'd never seen before.  There's nothing quite as exciting as surface lure fishing and to get a chance like this was fantastic fun.

Many Perch and Pike were caught over the afternoon fishing on various methods making for a very memorable day indeed.  Nothing massive on the Pike front - Tony caught the biggest which could have been a lot heavier if it had been up to it's full weight.  As you'll see from the picture a lovely Pike but very slim in the body.  Shaun, as usual, came up trumps with a belting Perch that hit his surface lure at quite a pace.  This fish looks like such a wise old thing, I wonder just how long it's lived in that lake for and whether it's ever been caught before??


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