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Final Brenig report 2013

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A wet and windy week with some brighter spells of weather was the order of the day for Llyn Brenig culminating in a horrendous day on Saturday when it appeared as if all the weather Gods of the ancient past had colluded together and brought down hell, fire and brimstone onto the heads of us mere mortals. The air temperature on the lake has dropped significantly as has the water temperature driving down the fish into the warmer deeper water. This has been the last week for boat fishermen and has been, if truth be told, a very quiet week with many fishermen staying away due to the increasingly difficult fishing conditions. As always though there have been one or two intrepid anglers who have braved the elements and taken to the water. Mr. Ivor Jones from Llanrwst and his son Mark have single handedly pushed the rod average for the week up to 3.3 fish per angler with top bags of 14 lbs and 10 lbs respectively. The biggest rainbow caught this week was just over 3 lbs and was landed by Mr. R. Spor from Wrexham.

Top flies for this week have been various boobies, buzzers and gold heads. Hot spots have been in the more sheltered parts of the lake along the West of the lake in Watersports bay and sailing club bay.

However the focus this week has been on the much anticipated ‘Pike week’ which, as I write, is in its third day. I personally always see this event as the highlight of the year as I still find it amazing that these beautiful fish inhabit our waters. They are truly majestic creatures and seem to connect us to some by gone age. This week has without doubt been highly successful with a large number of pike being caught. Mr. Phil Todd had a good day but it didn’t quite emulate his success of last year when he caught a 23 lb monster. The accolades this year however belong to Mr. Lee Latham who caught a magnificent 22 lb pike and even more significantly it was caught on his birthday! What a great birthday present. Another very satisfied fisherman was Mr. Joe Crowther from St. Helens who caught a 12 lb 2 oz pike. Although these large predators are seen by some as a nuisance as they take the stocked fish they are a wonderful edition to the ecology of the lake and every effort should be made to preserve them.

Well this will be the last fishing report of the year and I would like to thank all those who have fished at the Brenig this year and have contributed in making this a truly excellent season. It is still possible to fish from the bank for a cost of £10 for a 3 fish catch return.

For many however it is time to catch their breath put their feet up for the winter and get ready to begin again when the season starts up on March 15th and once more they can hang that worn and battered old sign on their front door – ‘Gone Fishing’

The main gates will now be shutting at 4.15 pm and sad to say there won’t be any need to bring the boats.

See you all next year.

Jim Jenkins.


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