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First Brenig Report 2015

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The new fishing season is upon us at Llyn Brenig and as I drove to work on Saturday morning the sense of anticipation was tangible. However the nearer I got to the Brenig the more I realised that the opening day might not be as busy as the previous year. There was a bitter East wind drifting across the lake which was as cold as a polar bears nose and the realisation was dawning on me that a lot of red blooded Welshmen would be camped in front of their TV sets to cheer on the Red Dragons as they took on their Celtic brothers from across the Irish Sea. However considering the circumstances the day was very successful with a number of fishermen taking to the boats and braving the icy conditions and even more deciding to opt for fishing from the bank. The water temperature was hovering on the 4 degrees C mark which meant that the fish were going to be lying at the deeper water levels. A fast sinking line was the order of the day and Keith Gent from Denbigh fishing near the Dam wall was rewarded with a fantastic 7 lb over wintered Rainbow which was unsurprisingly the biggest catch of the day. The titanic struggle to land the fish lasted a good 15 minutes and I think that Mr Gent was fully justified in calling it a day after his exploits – he left the Brenig soon after to seek out a warm fire and a hot cup of tea.

The rod average for the weekend was a very commendable 4.9 fish per angler including returned fish. Mike Williams and Phil Wood had an excellent day landing 36 fish to the boat although Mike wasn’t sure if he still had any fingers left by the time he had finished. The top bag of the day weighing in at 13 lbs 6 oz was caught by Mr. A.W.Evans from Yr Wyddgrug near Mold.  A 2 lb brown trout was also caught which was very encouraging as it is hoped that the new trout beds that have been constructed will see an increase in the number of brown trout over the years although it is important to remind fishermen that if they catch a brown trout they should return it to the lake. Although Mr Gent did claim the top spot for his 7 lb rainbow a number of other very good sized fish were caught with Mr D. Griffiths from Wrexham catching a 3 lb 8 oz rainbow.

With the wind generally from the East, particularly on the Sunday, the hot spots tended to be on the Western side of the lake with Water Sports Bay and the Visitors Centre proving to be very productive. However Hafod Lom, Nant Glyn and Tower Bay also fished very well principally on the Saturday.
The top flies were Montana, Damsel, Fritz, Viva, Cat’s Whiskers.
There have been a few changes to the rules for the lake especially with regards to pike fishing but these will be explained in more detail as the rules become finalised.
One of the delights at the start of the new season is to see the return of the fishermen to the lake and it is really nice to see the familiar faces as they return from their winter hibernation but it is also good to welcome new visitors to the lake and to encourage those that are hoping to take up fishing for the first time.

With 4,000 fish being stocked last week we are looking forward to another excellent season ahead and if it was as good as last year then those that come to fish at Llyn Brenig will undoubtedly go home very satisfied customers. The lake conohas almost returned to its natural level and with the clocks going forward in a couple of weeks’ time there is much to look forward to.


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