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Save our SeaBass

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Today I received this email, please help spread the word and save our sea bass!

Dear Friends of Sea Bass

Thank you so much for signing the Save Our Sea Bass petition, it has been a massive help in getting engagement from George Eustice and DEFRA.

Thanks to you, the debate has changed from whether we should have cuts in sea bass landings to what form the cuts should take and when they should happen. #PeoplePower!

We are now closing this petition because:

a) we are widening our focus to all the EU Fisheries Ministers; and

b) we are running a new, urgent, campaign to support the EU proposals for a 42cm Minimum Conservation Reference Size and monthly Vessel Catch Limits.

To this end, we have set up a new campaigning website: The website makes it easy for people to send emails, supporting the EU proposals, to all the EU Fisheries Ministers. Please spare a few minutes to send an email.

Please also sign our new petition:

Remember, you can hugely increase the impact that you have by spreading the word to your family, friends and other contacts.

Finally, many, many apologies to those of you who have signed this 38 Degrees petition in the last few days and are now being asked to sign another petition – in a perfect World we would have had the new website and petition lined up at the same time, but in the rush to get things up and running as quickly as possible we unfortunately didn’t quite manage to make that happen.

We have made great progress - let's keep the pressure on!

Best Wishes from the Save Our Sea Bass Team


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