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Gink Vs Foam

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Gink Vs Foam…
The big question.
By Matthew Davies.


Well let’s start with foam. It was a brilliant floater and was almost unsinkable. the bodies were so lifelike on real daddies and it was great on popper hoppers because it gave it it’s signature ‘pop’ and attracted stockies from anywhere and everywhere in the lake. suspender hawthorns were kept at a great level and was super natural for residents and would draw stockies in from far afield. When a good cast is made, it lands in such a lifelike and supple manner at one point even I thought it was a natural.
The downsides were the foam can get too bulky for suspicious or wary trout and is it doesn’t really like to turn over because of its cloggy nature.
So, all in all a great material for dry flies but is it up to the challenge of taking on Gherke’s Gink?


Now for the next strong contester, Gink. This is a brilliant creation and I am sure that anyone who’s used Gink will agree. If you haven’t yet used it is a silicone based fly floatant that many people use, probably because it’s the world’s best.  You now can use up your old bits of feather and fur and watch a hungry trout swirl on it. I found it was a great addition to klinkhammers and made them float for ages. I found you can apply this to any dry (I even made old wets turn into dries on my trip up to Tan-Y-Mynydd).
Although, it doesn’t float for as long as foam it worked better in the time it was on the water.

I was using 10 to 12 feet of 6 lb grand max Riverge all greased up so the fish wouldn’t see it. I was very lucky on the day, not because the action was spectacular, my Uncle Stuart let me have some Riverge. This is uncommon, he doesn’t let me have it because I snag up and Riverge isn’t the cheapest fluorocarbon in the world. I was always using single fly to make this fair (if one was on a dropper, it would be closer to the fly line, therefore making this unfair.)       
I couldn’t decide a winner on this trip. the foam had interest from more fish but the Gink had more fish. I’ll let you decide on a favourite.

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