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UTC Vs Uni-Thread

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UTC Vs UNI-Thread
Looking for some fly tying silk and not sure what to get?
Hopefully my guide can help you out.

UTC 140 (140 denier )
My first impressions of this was it was very fibrous but very strong indeed. The silky-smooth texture made dubbing a dream.  This thread is meant to lie flat and I tell you, it sure did.   This was a great thread for buzzers, dubbing and boobies, FAB’s etc. This thread was almost designed for the dubbing loop method because it split so easily.
It did try to explode all over the eye of the hook that meant this wasn’t the best thread for finesse flies (size 14 or under). It was tatty at times but this was because of the stringy nature of the thread.
I would recommend this to experienced anglers only because I feel a beginner would struggle with this type of thread. This is like a marmite thread, you either love it or you hate, there’s no in between.
Personally, I enjoyed this thread for super-glue or crisp packet buzzers since it lay so flat and the white absorbed sharpie pens so well. Finally, is this the thread for everything?

UNI-Thread 6/0 (136 denier)
This thread is a brilliant thread for all anglers, from novices to experts this is a thread for everyone because it was strongest for its diameter and was easy to tie with. This would be a great thread to start a child or beginner off with or to tie finesse flies with (Even though I’d use 10/0 or 12/0).
This was not the greatest at the dubbing loop or buzzers because it was too dense to split properly. But this was still a great thread for many situations and styles of fly.
It was a great thread too work alongside and was a pleasure to use. Most people have used this making it affirm favourite with anglers worldwide. If you have not yet used you seriously need to. This thread was the thread that me and many others tied their first flies with.
This is one of the best-selling threads, if not the best -selling thread. Even though it is almost half the price of UTC.


Matthew showing off his tying skills at our open day lat weekend.

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