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Llyn Brenig Report 22/05/17

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  A rather cloudy and dull week was experienced at Llyn Brenig this week with some strong Southerly winds on occasions. However the days were definitely warmer than we have had for quite a while and when the sun broke through the clouds it was positively hot. Having said that nothing is simple at Llyn Brenig and, as we know, the weather can be totally unpredictable, which is why it was hardly surprising when we had a hailstorm on Friday afternoon, turning the North End white.

  Grey skies and a strong breeze may not be the ideal conditions for a picnic by the lake but they are usually ideal conditions for a spot of fishing. The rod average of 3.9 fish per angler testifies to this. Not only have the fishermen been catching fish but the fish they have been catching have been top quality fish. Mr. Ken Wall from Llanarmon D.C. caught a 3lb full tailed fish which he described as a ’great’ fish. This doesn’t happen by chance but by careful management of the fish stock and by maintaining a low density of fish in the growing cages. This ensures that the fish are fit and healthy which is why they put up such a good fight when thet are caught. The other factor as to why the Brenig fish have such a reputation as fighting fish is because there is a high oxygen content in the lake which, as all us athletes know (ahem), gives the fish more energy.

  On a very windy Sunday, Wirral Fishing Club held a competition at Llyn Brenig. There were a total of 52 fish caught by 17 anglers which were a mixture of bank and boat fishermen. Windy conditions did make it challenging but all commented on having a good day and those fish that were caught were hard fighting.

 Stephen White won the Cup for the heaviest fish at 3 lb 6 oz. Another fish of 3 lb 4 oz. gave him the prize for the heaviest brace. Tony Green and guest won the prize for the heaviest boat catch.

  There were a lot of good sized fish caught this week with a number of fish tipping the scales at 4lbs and over. Mr. Phil Wood from Bala landed a 4lb 12oz Rainbow and Mr. Dave Gilbert recorded a 5lb 8oz Rainbow. Rooney along with his boat partner Jock also caught a 4lb 8oz Rainbow. The biggest fish this week however, a marvellous 6lb 0oz Rainbow, was caught by Mr. Clive Gilbert from Colwyn Bay who also recorded the biggest bag of the week for six fish caught which weighed in at 16lbs 4oz.

  Like everything in life there are many varied opinions about the best way to tackle a given problem. Fishermen have varied views about the best method to use on any given day to catch fish. The outcomes can also be very different even if two fishermen are using the same method. For example two fishermen came back after a day’s fishing both having used the same method with one fisherman having caught his full quota and the other fisherman having no luck at all. With the water temperature on the increase and with more natural fly life in evidence then we are starting to look at using the dry fly on a floating line in the coming weeks. That’s an opinion that may be challenged, particularly if no fish are caught. My opinion on the outcome of the coming election and what the best method may be employed to solve the problems that we face are probably best left unsaid!

  The hot spots this week have been the Brenig Arm, Sailing Club Bay, Tower Bay and along the Dam Wall for the boat fishermen. Hafod Lom seemed to improve as the week went on.

 The top flies for the week have been diawl bach, green fritz, damsel, dabbler, hoppers, nymph and various boobies.

 The main gates will be shutting at 8.15pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 7.30pm.

Tight Lines

Jim Jenkins – Seasonal Ranger

Mr. Tim Sheppard and his partner Katja along with their dog Jedna enjoying a day’s fishing at the Brenig.

This week's top facts:

Bank Fishing Hotspots

Brenig Arm, Sailing Club Bay, Tower Bay and Hafod Lom.

Boat Fishing Hotspots

Brenig Arm, Sailing Club Bay, Tower Bay, the Dam Wall and Hafod Lom

Top Flies

Diawl bach, green fritz, damsel, dabbler, hoppers, nymph and various boobies.

Top Bag (For six fish caught)

16lbs4oz.- Mr. Clive Gilbert from Colwyn Bay.

Biggest Fish

6lbs 0oz. - Mr. Clive Gilbert from Colwyn Bay.

Rod Average

3.9 fish per angler (Including fish returned)

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