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Llyn Brenig report 7/5/17

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Never shed a clout until the month of May is out’, was certainly very applicable this week at Llyn Brenig as, despite some really lovely clear blue skies, there was a persistently strong and cold easterly wind blowing across the lake for much of the week. With another old proverb claiming that as far as fishing goes ‘East is least’ then the prospects for a successful week of fishing were somewhat bleak. The rod average of 2.7 fish per angler did reflect this theory as a number of fishermen did struggle to find the fish from both the bank and the boat. I think Mr. Wheeler from Chester got it right when he wrote, ‘Nice sunny day, strong East wind, nil fish’.

Inevitably there are some weeks when the fishing isn’t as good as other weeks for whatever reason and I think that this week has been one of those weeks when a number of fishermen did fail to catch or had a long day with limited success. Bright sunshine, a cold easterly wind and with the water temperature still very low all point to a difficult week for fishing. Having said all that there have obviously been some major exceptions to the rule with some fishermen having an excellent time. Mr. James Raw from Aberystwyth for example landed the biggest bag of the week catching six fish for 18lbs 0oz and commenting on the ‘cracking fish’. With an average of 3lbs a fish then it’s no wonder that he was impressed with his catch. Another success story was Mr. Ron Ayers and his boat partner Mr. Mick Reade who landed the biggest fish of the week which was a 5lb 0oz Rainbow. There were other successes too with Mr. Weatherill from West Kirby having a good day and landing twelve fish in total with an average of 2lbs per fish. In a way the fact that some fishermen have found the going tough this week whereas others have had a fair bit of success does reflect the nature of fishing and shows how unpredictable fishing can be.

Over the coming months there will be a number of prestigious fishing events taking place at Llyn Brenig such as the IFFA Disabled International, the Scierra Pairs Grand Final, the Llanilar Classic and the IFFA Youth International as well as the WSTAA 2018 World Championship Team Trials. A number of these events will require the use of all the boats. This will mean that on those days the boats will unfortunately be unavailable to the general public. For a full list of events and the availability of boats please contact the visitors centre.

The hot spots this week have tended to be on the West side of the lake with Sailing Club Bay, Watersports Bay and the Visitors Centre fishing reasonably well for both bank and boat fishermen. Tower Bay seems to be holding the fish as well and there have been some good fish taken from there.

The top flies have been green and black viva, buzzers, green damsel, orange nomad, green fritz, muddler, cat’s whiskers and various boobies.

With the month of May upon us we can start to enjoy the longer evenings and the renewed life around us. We have a live camera feed in the cafe linked to a bird box which has a nest of Great Tit chicks that have just hatched. It is a wonderful sight to see and is certainly makes for better viewing than Coronation Street! There have also been sightings of Red Grouse, a Sparrow Hawk, a Gold Crest, a Red Pole and a Red Kite. With the new playground due to be finished shortly coupled with the family biking and walking trails, the excellent café and the wonderful wildlife there is no finer place to spend some family time at. Oh yes, you can do a bit of fishing here as well while you are at it!

The main gates will be shutting at 8pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 7.15pm.

Tight Lines,

Jim Jenkins –Seasonal Ranger


Weeks top facts:

Bank Fishing Hotspots

Tower Bay, Sailing Club Bay, Watersports Bay and the Visitors Centre

Boat Fishing Hotspots

Tower Bay, Sailing Club Bay, Watersports Bay and the Visitors Centre

Top Flies

Green and black viva, buzzers, green damsel, orange nomad, green fritz, muddler, cat’s whiskers and various boobies.

Top Bag (For six fish caught)

18lbs 0oz - Mr. James Raw from Aberystwyth.

Biggest Fish

5lbs 0oz - Mr. Ron Ayers

Rod Average

2.7 fish per angler (Including fish returned)

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