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Mersey Cod Adventure

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Earlier this week team Foxons hit the river Mersey in search of a big cod.  The pressure was on me, as last year I managed some how to catch the biggest Cod on the boat weighing in at 7lb, and I was secretly hoping for a repeat performance, well you never know!

As usual this trip meant an early start was in order and when our alarm went off at 3.45am I wondered why we were doing this - early mornings are never great in the winter and this one was no different! Rob was late arriving at ours as his dog had decided to be ill all over this kitchen floor just before he left, then on arriving at the Birkenhead tunnel we found it was closed for road works. Not being familiar with this area, this was when panic set in, but at this point I was glad it was so early, no honking horns to deal with when you make a wrong move or hesitate trying to read the signs.  We got to the dock with just a few minutes to spare, just enough time to get our gear together and layer up before boarding the boat.

Once out and fishing, we were still in headlamps at this point as the day was yet to break, Shaun kicked things off, as usual, with the first Codling of the day, a nice fish of about 2lb.  Not a few cast later he pulls up another this time a better fish weighing in at nearly 4lb, this was to be the biggest caught all day and won him the sweepsteak!  Once the light came and the tide slackened off, things went a little quiet, but we persevered and continually refeshed our bait in the hope of attracting that lurking monster.  We were using a large mixed bait of half a Squid and 2 Lug worms wrapped together tightly with bait elastic to create the most disgusting thing you've ever seen...  It always amazes me that I can do this, I think that I must just turn off and not think about it too much, just concentrate on catching that fish!   We were very lucky with the weather as it stayed overcast but with no rain and the wind didn't pick up until later in the afternoon.  If you are planning a trip out here you really need to check the weather as it's very exposed and wouldn't be very pleasent on a wet and windy day.

 So no monsters on this trip but we all had a few Codling varing 2-4lb and some huge Whiting, many just over the 1lb mark, and a smattering of small flatties.  The day was made by the great company, skipper and staff on the boat, we all had a fantastic laugh and were fed and watered well.  They certainly come well recommended by us after just two trips out with them Discovery charters , well worth the early morning trauma!

A big thank you to Gary at Discovery charters and to Daiwa sports for sponsoring the boat.

NOTE-We were fishing up-tide on the side of the boat and this seemed to be the method that was producing the Cod.  the guys on the back of the boat didn't have a cod between them, just a mix of other species.  I'm not sure if this was just luck or whether there's something in it, but a few people have said this to me about up-tiding, that it always produces more?

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