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SeaTrout Fever

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So it seems the last few weeks everyones had it, and with all this exciting talk about it, it's even spread to me.  Yes, I've got the bug......SeaTrout fever has hit!

Usually I'm one for going to bed early and needing lots of sleep to keep me happy, but last week I suprised myself by staying out on the river until gone 1am on three occassions, once even 3am!  I must be mad, especially seeing as the first two experiences, one of which was the 3am-er, resulted in a grand catch of zero SeaTrout for me.  As I'm sure you can imagine Shauns catch rate was not as unimpressive, having thrashed me 7-0 in one night, I felt determined to keep trying and conquor these late night beauties.  Which I'm pleased to report finally did happen, it was third time lucky for me on the river Clwyd when I hooked into my first one just after 11, it was a lovely little hard fighting SeaTrout of about 1lb which took a Dunkeld pattern tied on a single hook.  Yes, I had broken my duck, as they say?!  Not too long after I was in again and shouting at Shaun to bring the net, this was a better fish, it was leaping right out, nearly landing on the other bank, then it took off upstream, after much thrashing and excitment we landed it.....'only 2lb!!'....I wasn't dissapointed with this lovely fish just suprised, it had fought like a much bigger fish.  Or at least it felt like that in the dark when all my senses were on high alert.  No wonder this Seatrout fever is spreading, just imagine what a 4 or 5lb fish might feel like, never mind that elusive double figure one that we know will be out there somewhere. I for one would certainly like to find out.  So I'm sure that as this week begins and I feel refreshed after a relaxing weekend, that it won't last long, it'll be matchsticks at dawn again by friday!

I almost forgot my main reason for writting this blog post, it was to have on record the one time that I've actually beaten Shaun when out fishing.  I couldn't believe it, that night when I caught my first two Seatrout, guess how many he caught?  Yeah nothing.  As soon as I'd realised that, and lost my lucky fly in the tree, I was dragging him home!


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