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Fly Rod Facelift

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This week I have been busy upstairs doing a refurbishment job on a lovely little 7' Lamiglass blank brought in by one of our regulars as it was in need of some TLC. 

Although the blank itself was in good condition, the old whippings were starting to crack and beginning look shabby and the customer discussed wanting a nicer reel fitting than the cheap copy "Fuji" plastic one that had been on it.


We selected an elegant Struble lightweight cork arbor reel fitting and, as the cork handle was in good general order, it just needed a bit of filler and sanding into the new reel seat hood once that had been fitted.

To restore the classic blank back to its former glory we decided to stick with the original blue colour using Gudebrod "D" whipping thread and a new set of snake rings, stripping guide, tip ring and hook keeper.


I am lucky to have a good sized workshop above the shop, where tiny #3 trout stream rods sit alongside tournament casting beach rods. This is where I carry out lots of jobs like this, along with new custom builds of blanks, repairs and just odd broken rings, and I am entrusted by Sage to undertake all their cosmetic rod repairs for the UK. So if you need anything fixing up just pop it in the shop and I'll be happy to take a look for you!

Alternatively why not give it a go yourself?  We sell everything you'll need for doing up that trusted old friend and I'll be more than happy to give you a few hits and tips.

After mixing up and applying the 2-part Flexicote high build to each of the whippings, the Lamiglass was continuously turned on the rollers for 3hrs and checked for any air bubbles or blemishes. Once it had then been allowed to fully cure overnight, the rod was ready for collection and here is the finished result:

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