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Yet another weekend of blazing sunshine, I wasn't going to complain but Shaun was 'it's no good for the Bass fishing', he keeps moaning!  But we packed the van up and headed off down the coast anyway.  As we didn't get to camp until later on in the evening the sun had already gone behind the headland and off the water so it looked like Bass fishing was back on the list of things to do.  The wind was off land leaving the sea calm and dusk was drawing in as well as the tide, it was perfect conditions for the surface lure.  I love this way of fishing and don't get to do it very often, mainly as the conditions are just right for it late on or early on in the day, usually when I like to sleep!  But seeing as it was the summer solstice and I hadn't had too much wine I thought I'd head on down to the beach and join Shaun for his evenings fishing.

Any one who's talked to me about my Bass fishing will know I love to fish soft plastics, one of the main reasons being the single hook factor.  It's so much better for a nice release and there's no worry of the fish thrashing about and leaving you with more hooks in than they have.  As I was on a surface lure mission I faced the dreaded treble hook fear, until I remembered about some Decoy single hooks we'd had in stock a week or two back, I'd picked some up but couldn't remeber where I'd put them - typical!  I searched my tackle boxes and bag, but no luck, then I hit our stock box in the van, bingo, that's where I'd put them.  After a bit of a struggle and some swearing I'd changed over the trebles on one of my favourite surface lures and was ready to give it a test.  I'd left my other lures as they were, not convinced that these single hooks would be succesfull, but I needn't have worried.  After a half hour walk across ankle breaking rocks and wondering if staying at the van with more wine had been the better option, I finally took my first cast of the evening.  Just watching the lure coming back across the calm surface of the sea I knew I'd made the right decision in coming out, it's so exciting to watch in the hope that you'll see something come out and attack it.  It wasn't long before I did, I saw the extra wake and fin behind my lure from quite a way out, but no hits, I kept pausing then retrieving, but nothing, he kept following, I made my final pause about 4' from my rod tip and just as I'd given up hope he hit the lure - brilliant!  I even did a 'woohoo' out aloud, like the american guys you see fishing on the TV!  There was alot of thrashing on the top followed by a couple of short runs then alot more thrashing on the top before I landed a nice little dark backed Bass of about 1.5lb.  Nothing really that special, but he was to me, it's all about the visuals, that follow and the take and then best of all the perfect hook up and super easy worry free release.  The back single was nicely through his top lip and was a piece of cake to unhook, but obviously had a good hold to stay on through all that thrashing the little guy had done.  So that's it I'm sold on these single hooks now and when I get a spare evening I'm going to go through my box, this time with some split ring pliers, and change all my trebles for singles.



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