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A good day for Fiiishing

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It was one of those 'shall we, shan't we' days.  Shaun had been tiring himself out on the Sea trout fishing and the wind had been really strong so we were worried that after a long drive we'd find churned up dirty seas that wouldn't be any good for the lure fishing we'd been missing.  We set off early regardless, deciding that another Sunday of doing 'useful' jobs around the house wasn't an option, even if we did get there and it was no good for fishing we'd have a day out walking with Dotty along the coast line.  As we travelled along the A55 and through Caernarfon the sea looked wild and dirty, just what we didn't want, but as we hit Pwllheli we knew we'd made the right choice, that side of the Lleyn had been protected from the howling winds and looked pretty calm and best of all clear.

After a good walk, and remembering why we use studs in our boots, we got set up, I hadn't even had a chance to tie my lure on and Shaun was shouting me, he'd had a hit off a fish using his trusty Slug-go already.  This would have been my natural and usual choice of lure but as it was the first time this year there had been no weed about I wanted to test out the new Fiiish crazy eels, so opted for one of these to bring me some luck, and that it did.  After Shaun had had the first Bass of the day, a cracking 3lb fish, I soon answered back and landed a nice little school Bass of about 2lb to christen my crazy eel.  After his next fish was a smaller one too he decided to downsize to one of the 10/12g Fiiish black minnows and straight away hit into another fish, this time a beauty weighing in at 5.5lb, just proving that these smaller lures will still catch the big guys. 

Just on high tide and starting to feel right back at home by the sea in a world of my own, I had one hell of a wake up call, what a hit!  This was a good fish and typically everything seemed to go a bit nuts, me, the fish and the waves, a barrage of crashing breakers seemed to come from nowhere and make my fight with this fish one to remember.  I looked over at Shaun for help, but he was stranded on a rock not able to get off because the waves were bluring his vision of the bottom.  Finally I got the fish in without too much disaster and Shaun made his way over, he was sure this was my PB Bass and I was quietly hopefuly too, it looked enormous!  As it was, it matched my 6.5lb PB Bass exactley, by no means a dissapointment, just a suprise.  We'd not caught a large Bass this year so had forgotten what a fantastic beast of a fish they are, they always seem to look that bit bigger than they are, all head and shoulders I put that down to.  the perfect example of this was the fish that Shaun finished the day on.  The high tide and been and gone and I'd pretty much given up all hope and was heading back when I heard the shouts, when I looked back he was stood on the headland waving his arms about like a mad man.  It was either something brilliant or something terrible! 

After srcambling back across the rocks I'd so happily put behind me I got there to find it was something brilliant, thank god.  He'd been holding this huge Bass in the water waiting until I got over to him, and am I glad he did, what a fish to see!  We weighed him in at an amazing 7.75lb, and as you'll see from the pictures he was a very dark bronze specimen of a fish that again fell for the Fiiish minnow lure.  Certainly the best end to a day we've had in a while was watching this graceful huge fish swim back to the depths to hopefuly spawn many more of these amazing species we've come to love so much.

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