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A splash of Colour!

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Yet another glorious weekend was spent along our beautiful Welsh coastline last week so 'Team Foxons' were out in full force!  Derek and John fished on the Saturday off their rib, unfortunately not with much sucess, probably too bright but they did manage a few Mackerel,  The highlight of thier day was watching a pod of Dolphin for most of the morning.  The Dolphin probably caught all the fish first hey guys?!

As usual we didn't arrive until late on the Saturday night, after running around all day in the shop trying to satisfy our customers! During our pit stop for food we'd decided to try for a bit of a species hunt this weekend so roped in another friend that we knew would be fishing down there too, after a quick call we were joined on the campsite by Dylan making us a team of 5 now ready for action!

We were down on the beach by 9pm and were ready to fish until dark armed with many a surface lure for the Bass.  The tides were just right, the conditions perfect, but the weed was a nightmare.  We stuck it until 11pm then all a bit fustrated decided to called it a night.  The 3 lads were on a Bass mission for my species hunt and braved a 4am alarm call to start it all over again, hoping the weed situation would have settled over night.  They were rewarded with 3 nice Bass all taken off the top on a Patchinco surface lure, apparently the catch could have been higher if they'd have made contact with all the fish that had made a strike at the lures, and if Dylan hadn't cracked his lure off on his second cast!

After one of my special camper van breakfasts we were all ready for round 3 and headed to a deep rock mark armed with our spinning and bait rods.  I kicked us off with a few nice wrasse on soft plastics, then the lads followed suit with much of the same.  At about lunch time we ambled over to the headland and set up with the bait rods, firstly using big mackerel baits.  I mentioned I was on a species hunt, but I didn't say I wanted big stuff...I was pushing for a Bullhuss, conger or even a Tope of this rock mark, but after a while of waiting about for a giant we soon realised that wasn't going to happen and we baited up a little smaller.  Guess what we caught first?  Yes, my old favourite the Dog fish, then a few more dog fish, then a few more!  While waiting for another Dog fish Rob set up the feathers to catch more mackerel for bait and ended up with a cracking Pollock of just over 5lb, that made his day.  Shaun appeared after a couple of hours looking slightly weary after persevering for yet another Bass, but in these bright conditions the odds are against you. He reported back that he'd had a good time using the Fiiish minnows and caught 8 wrasse... not bad!  Then in usual Shaun style he managed to catch the fish of the day, he really could catch a fish in a toilet this boy!  He picked up a rod set it up with some small feathers and just had a bit of a cast to try and get us some more mackerel then who would have guessed what he pulled out?  A beautiful Cookoo Wrasse, probably the smallest fish of the day but definately the best!  These fish are just amazing colours and it's certainly the first time any of us had seen one caught on this coastline, we were all totally made up!

So not the best species hunt ever but we certainly managed to winkle out one of the most beautiful species our coastline has to offer.


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