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Brilliant Bass

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Here was an outing that was one of those last minute decision you never expect much from and goes to show you should just go with your instincts!  We really do have some excellent fishing right on our doorstep, you just need to get out and give it a go though, only too often you find some excuse not to bother... luckily we did bother as you'll see shortly!

The day, infact the whole outting, started off badly, with the rain and fog nearly putting us off in the morning and on arriving at the coast I was promptly shat on by a Seagull (now I know this truly is good luck!) As if that wasn't enough, Shauns first cast with a surface lure was taken by another gull!  Oh dear, not a great start, but we carried on regardless, as there has been so many great reports of Bass fishing locally the last week or so, and it's not often that our coast line is clear enough to fish with lures, never mind so calm - a perfect chance to get out on the Kayaks.  Also on arrival we had spotted the Dolphins working their way through the bay, another good sign that the fish are there.

After fishing for an hour with not a sniff, we were starting to doubt the rumours, or wonder if the Dolphins had spooked all the fish off.  We had tried surface lures, diving lures, sandeel imitations but nothing.  We kept paddling, then drifting, more paddling then drifting until we finally found them.  As usual, Shaun started us off with a nice 2lb Bass on a white Savage sandeel, I quickly changed my lure over to one and almost immidiately well and truely trumped his fish with a gorgeous 5lb beauty.  What a fish, and what a fight! I could have gone home happy right then, shaking like a leaf, but happy!  We contiuned to drift over this area but found the knocks and taps got less as we drifted, so we paddled back to where we'd stared to find the fish, and yes, they were certainly in that area.  On each drift we were getting fish, or at least hits from fish, I've never experienced Bass fishing like it before and wow it is exciting!  The fish were all of good size and pristine condition the smallest being 2lb, but averaging 3-4lb.  We even managed a double hook up, amazing!  But we managed it twice - unbelievable!!  Then the icing on the cake, I hooked into a fish that really gave me the best fight I've ever had on my kayak, I was towed around, had to pass my little 7' rod over the back of the kayak twice, round the front 3 or 4 times, at one point it all went solid, this fish really did get me into some pickles, but finally I got him to the top.  As I rested him at the side of my kayak waiting for Shaun to come over to take our photo, I realised this could be my PB Bass, but it wasn't, not in weight anyway, but in my mind was certainly the best Bass I've ever caught.  Shaun weighed him on his boga grip at 6lb, we both couldn't believe it as he looked massive, we'd guessed 7lb, but the scales never lie.  I was more than happy with this and while watching him recover and swim away I wondered how some people could kill such an awsome fish.  Yes, we take one every now and again for the table, and there's nothing wrong with that, but these bigger Bass really are the fish of the future and deserve to be treated with respect.  We ended up with a total of 17 Bass between the two of us (one taken for tea), dozens of bites and some great memories, all just in 4 hours of fishing and on a total off chance.


NOTE: We tried various lures over the afternoon but it was always the rubber lures fished with jig heads hard on the bottom that were working this week. This is certainly the time of year to get a Bass in the best fighting fit condition you're ever going to see, so don't sit in waiting for them to come to you, get out there, get shat on, and go and catch some amazing fish!






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