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Fiiish minnow proven again

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Another weekend passes and we get closer to winter, no time to waste so we were out again on Sunday.  This time futher afield down the Lleyn peninsular and the desision was made to say on land due to windy conditions, so a days scrambling and fishing off the rocks was in order.  The usual gang of us went out, Shaun, Rob and his dog, myself and of course Dotty the dog-our team Foxons lucky mascot!  I spent most of the day hand stripping her coat (Dotty's a Border terrier for those who don't know her) so spent very little time fishing hence caught nothing, that's my excuse anyway!  I also persevered with a surface lure into the evening, as I'm dying to catch using that method, but conditions obviously just weren't right, maybe too bright? The boys on the other hand had a great day, walking and catching a lot more than I did.  They had a good mixture of species Bass, wrasse, Pollock, mackerel and Launce, nothing huge the biggest being a Bass of 2lb-ish, but it was fun to catch that sort of selection on your light spinning gear.  The lure of the day was certainly the Fiiish black minnow 120mm in the 12 and 25g, bringing in all of Shauns Bass and a few Wrasse.  Rob caught his fish on a selection of heavy metal lures and one Bass higher up in the water on an IMA KO130.  Most of the Bass were caught fairly deep in the water jigging the Fiiish black minnow up and over the rocks, they were all well within casting range for these lures as they fly out.  The really nice thing about these minnows is that they are a single hook so perfect for catch and release.  You can also get spare bodies for them, well worth investing in once you start catching a few Wrasse, with their gnashers these soft baits don't last long!  Although I think that's one of the reasons these lures work so well, they are so soft and supple giving them a fantastic life like feel and perfect action in the water.  We have just inceased our range of these products and now have spare heads and hooks available as well as the spare bodies.

HANDY TIP- These last few outings we've found that using a dab of waterproof super glue between the jig head and rubber lure really saves you having to keep rearranging your lure after a snag or hit from a fish.  It also works well for a temporary reapair on any torn rubber lures.


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