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Last of the summer

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Since the forecast was good and the Bass seem to be getting bigger, we decided this weekend to head down the coast for what will probably be one of our last rock hopping adventures of this season.  Shaun's early morning session produced nothing special, much to his disappointment and as the clouds cleared to reveal a bright sunny day we knew it would be a day for a deep rock mark.  With my sights originally set on how many Mackerel I could get for my dinner we set off across the coastal path and boulder like rocks, but I was easily distracted by one of my favorite Wrasse marks. After several casts with a 4" Daiwa d-fin soft plastic and getting hits on each one I knew I'd gone too big for the small wrasse that must be still about (well I was really holding hope of a stray Bass).  I changed my tactics for one of the small 10g fiiish black minnows and was rewarded straight away with a beautiful little specimen of a Wrasse. It might have been one of the smallest I've caught but it will definitely be one I remember. It was so dark it was almost black and had vivid electric blue spots, fin edging and lips!

After about an hour things went quiet so I reverted back to the d-fin instantly getting takes and follows, but again no hook ups. Then whilst teasing a tiny wrasse that had followed my lure right into the edge, not sure if he wanted to eat it or make friends with it, a huge yellow shaped emerged from nowhere and engulfed my lure! It headed straight for a rock ledge to the right of me but I managed to keep my rod high and guide his head away from what would have surely been the last I saw of him and my last d-fin!  After calling Shaun over with his boga grips for a safe landing we weighed him in at 3lb.... definitely a good end to my summer rock hopping that'll keep me dreaming until next year.

The rest of the afternoon was spent messing about for our Mackerel supper, catching the odd Pollack and trying to avoid catching a seal!

Top Recommendation from me must be my Penn Battle reel, after 3 season rock hopping it really looks like it's been to battle but still handles everything I throw at it smoothly as the day I got it.  Now out the Battle II from £59.99.


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