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Late night fun!

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Don't worry we haven't changed our business, the title of this blog refers to seatrout fishing, obvious to us angling fanatics but not to all!

The seatrout fishing this year on the river Clwyd has been excellent and still is right now.  Only last night Shaun caught a beautiful spotty 6lb fish from the llanerch beat using his trusty small back and silver tube fly.  Unfortunately he failed on his self timed picture and cut his head off, but we're not really interested in seeing that.  Come to think about it I should have told you that I caught it, he never reads my blogs so I might have got away with that!  

We've heard so many of you telling us that you've never seen, heard or caught so many fish for years, so why isn't everyone at it?  Well, because the water levels have been so low it's only been late night fly fishing that's been the winning method, and by late night I really mean early morning.  Most sucessfull anglers have been setting of at between 9-10 o'clck at night and fishing through until about 3am, or as long as they can stand up!  Both Shaun and Rob are wondering around the shop like the walking dead and I've even caught Rob lying on the floor behind the counter trying to catch up on sleep!  But it's all been well worth it for the thrill of that take in the darkness when all your senses are at their highest, there's nothing quite like it!

Another bit of seatrout news to wet your appetite is that we've heard of two double figured seatrout being caught from the Junction area.  Congratulaions to both true gentlemen anglers, a fish of a lifetime, and huge respect for them as both fish were returned to the river to run up and spawn more Seatrout with BIG genes. As most of you who know Shaun will have guessed by now that's what happened to his fish too!

If you're thinking of giving it a go please call us or pop in for some advice on beats, flies, day tickets etc.and be part of this bumper Seatrout season, don't let it pass you by.  Shaun, Rob and derek will be able to help you out, if they are still awake!

Rememebr that we offer a great day ticket from the Denbigh and Clwyd angling club that allows you to fish through the night for Seatrout.  It's £15 and for that you get many miles of great fishing on the river Clwyd.  So if you can spare some sleep and fancy a bit of some of the most exciting fishing Wales has to offer what are you waiting for?

Tight lines!

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