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New Hardy Rods

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Yesterday morning the boys went down the river to put the brand new Hardy Shadow rods through their paces, they both returned very impressed.  They tried the 9' #5 and here's what they had to say...

The rods are not only well balanced and light but have a very pleasing mid/tip action that's perfect for gentle trout fishing, whether that be dry flies on still waters or small nymphs on rivers.  'You don't need much line out to work the rod well' was Shauns easy to understand assessment, making them perfect for close up stalking work or fishing smaller rivers.

As you'd expect from Hardy's these rods are beautifully finished with a classic look about them.  No garish colours or flashy reel fittings, just a nice dark olive green blank and whippings with a tiny silver trim.  The lighter models (9' and under) come with a nice wooden spaced reel seat and the longer models come with a gunmetal reel seat and a nice little 1" cork extension butt.

Why not come in and take one down the river for a cast yourself?  I'm sure you won't be dissapointed and you'll probably be even more impressed when you see the price tag!

Starting from just £259, these are going to be a big hit!


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