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Shauns Special sea Trout

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This week our spirits have been lifted by this fantastic catch!  After not all that much happening on our local rivers Shaun has finally come up trumps - again!  But he does put the time in, and that's obviously what's needed right now.   He landed this spectacualr specimen of a sea Trout on the river Clwyd, not long into dark after a tremendous fight, one of the best ever he said 'this fish had unbelieveable power and speed, it did not jump once which made me think it could have been a salmon, but as soon as it was in the net I knew what it was...a sea trout that dreams are made of, and one that reminds you why you stay out until so late for them'.  

 With the rivers still being so low and clear it's certainly fly at night that will be the best method of fishing for these amazing fish, but this catch shows that it's not yet time to give up, they are still there and still coming up by the look of how fresh this fish was.  One of Shauns favourite flies and the one that caught this particular fish is a black and silver tube fly.

This beautiful creature was weighed (just under 9lb) then safely returned to the river, after being held in the faster water to aid recovery after the battle.  We strongly recomend that all bigger fish are returned whenever possible to our struggling local river systems as they are the fish of the future, plus who'd want to kill something that had given you so much happiness?!



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