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Singled out

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If you recall last year I changed a few of my Bass hard plastic lures over to single hooks,  I only got round to using these lures a hand full of times, mainly because I stick to my soft plastics, but I've had quite a few of you guys asking me how I've got on with the singles.  So I thought I'd better report back on a great session that I had a couple of weekends ago down on the coast using them.  Since last year I've managed to gather the patience to change all of my hard plastics now over to single hooks and there's no looking back.  It was reasonably calm and overcast, the perfet conditions for surface lure action, so I selected my little Patchinco 100.  As my first cast failed miserably I thought wrong selection, too light into the wind, I wound back quickly with the intention of changing my lure and that's when the first fish hit it!  What a great unexpected start, a perfect little 1.5lb Bass.  As you can imagine I didn't change anything after that and ended up having one of the most memeroble Bass fishing sessions ever.  In just two hours I landed 5 and missed 2, the biggest being abround the 4lb mark.  As many of you that fish surface lures will know, to have a few hits and follows and miss a couple is par for the course and part of what makes a session like this so exciting.  So I'm not blaming my single hooks for the two I lost, that just wouldn't be fair.  I hope this report  gives a few more of you the confidence to try these single hooks out on your lures, I'm sure like myself you won't look back.

I just want to finish by telling you the second best bit about this fishing session was that when Shaun showed up he'd not had one Bass!  Look out Shaun that's twice this year I've thrashed you!

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