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Summer's here

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The weather might have taken a turn for the worse this week, but the sea fishing certainly hasn't. The last two weekends Shaun and myself have been fishing and exploring across the rocky headlands on the lleyn Peninsular and I'm pleased to report that summer is finally here.

The colourful Wrasse have certainly started to show their toothy little faces, they are out in force attacking most soft baits that you drop down for them.  We've found the most successful to be the Fiiish black minnow 10g size, but be warned they will destroy these lures in no time.  A top tip is to use some of the waterproof super glue to stick the soft body of the lure to the lead head, this really helps prolong the life of these soft bodies.

Shaun has been catching the Bass on his earlymorning outings for the last few weeks but I only just managed to kick off my Bass tally this weekend.  After throwing all sorts of lures about for a couple of hours in the morning I reverted to my trusty old 6" Smelt Slug-Go and after just 5 casts was into a nice fat 3 pounder.  After just a few more minutes I landed a feisty little pound fish on the same lure.  After a 30 minute lull I noticed a bit of a commotion on the top of the water over to my right so I changed over to a little Patchinko 100, a lure that had been successful for me in the past at this mark.  I wasn't overly confident as the sun was trying it's best to break through the clouds and this would normally mean bad conditions for a surface lure, but as I'd spotted some activity I just went for it.  Surface lure fishing is one of my favourite ways to fish so any opportunity and I'm on it!  It didn't produce me any fish but as always it provided me with plenty of excitement, two follows and aggressive hits, that was good enough for me.

To end the day in style we were given a fantastic display by some Bottle nose Dolphins just 100meters out in front of us.  A lovely sight but predictably the end to our fishing!

Get out now and make the most of things while the warmer weather's with us, the fishing's great and the wildlife is thriving.

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