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Surface lures and showers

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Yet another Wednesday afternoon of indecision, but we finally decided on heading over to the coast, as there's still some good reports of Bass fishing coming in. We packed up the car and set off for Anglesey, along the way we stopped at a few potential marks but there was nothing we fancied for today, so we carried on, finally stopping at a new mark we fancied a cast at. So on went the waders and waterproofs, as the sky looked full of it, and we're never ones for a quick 5 minutes fishing!  After about a half mile walk we tackled up and both selected a Patchinko surface lure, as conditions looked perfect, ie overcast and calm. Shaun waded out and started to fish as I carried on walking up the coast. I hadn't even had a chance to cast out when I was wailed at by Shaun to get back to him, he was into a fish already. I'd fished for hours on Sunday with these surface lures, determined to get one on the top, but had no luck at all, Shaun has two casts and get one straight away! I was so pleased for him. Just to add insult to injury, this wasn't just your average fish, when I got over to him his reel was still screaming and when he finally landed it, it weighed in at just over 6lb, a pristine specimen. I really was made up, it's always a team effort and a pleasure to see such an amazing fish, even if I didn't catch it! It was also excellent to watch this fish swim away over the clear shallows, it reminded me of a bonefish swimming across the flats, a great sight.

The afternoon contiuned in much the same way, Shaun catching and me running about trying to find the fish or photograph his! He continued to use the Patchinko but started to notice a few fish following but now hitting the lure, maybe smaller fish or just too calm? So he changed over to the more subtle surface lure the Asturie and straight away started getting hits and some exciting follows, with some fish hitting the lure several times before finally taking it, it really was great fun to see this happening, even if it wasn't on the end of my line!

Then came the rain, and boy did it throw it down, we tried to shelter under some nearby trees, but don't think that made much difference, I''m sure I even heard a rumble of thunder in the distance. The dog was not a happy bunny, more a drowned rat! This heavy shower soon past and we got back out fishing, with more showers still on the horizon, we made the most of the rest of our time and fished through them. It stayed still and warm so wasn't that uncomfortable to stay out in it, thank God for good waterproofs!

Shaun ended up with two nice fish taking the Asturie, but as the tide came in and pushed us futher back there became less and less activity. It seemed that even though the fish were willing to take on the surface they were laying out in the deeper water.  We called it a day and went home happy and hungry, another good afternoons fishing without travelling for miles, and proving that there's still plenty of good fishing to be had in the Autumn months.


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