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We are so, so lucky to live where we do and often I feel like we just don't make the most of our beautiful surroundings. Within a few miles (even metres for some) we have rivers, lakes and a fantastic coastline to take full advantage of as an angler.  Last week Shaun and I joined a small club that up until now we've only mentioned in our 'Angling guide to north Wales', a downloadable PDF that can be found on our home page.  The Cambrian club covers around 14 different mountain lakes and some small stretches of river/stream, so if you want some wild trout fishing this is the club for you.  Just a couple of small hitches, you need to be pretty mobile and good with a map.  We have discovered that we're very mobile, which is just as well, as we're crap with a map!

After wandering about the Cambrian mountains for half last Sunday we finally found one of the lakes we'd been looking for.  It certainly was an amazing day and location to be lost in, the views were stunning and made me feel like I was away on holiday, not just an hour from home.  A walk that should have taken us about 1.5 hours had taken us 3, but that's what these recce days out are for I kept telling Shaun. The lake looked perfect and we even saw a few rises from trout as we approached, a nice surprise for the time of year.  It was so tempting to set up and have a cast but we decided to crack on and try to find one or two of the further lakes. 

After a 40 minute hike we made it to another gorgeous crystal clear lake, again with rising fish, this time the temptation was too much we had to set up and have a cast.  So you know how the story goes from here, we never made it to the final lake, as we got entranced by fishing dries for these amazing wild Browns.  It was fantastic to be catching these little beauties on dries, but also slightly annoying as it was so unexpected I had very few dry flies and no floatant in my pack, a must for future ventures now.  We ended up catching and missing a hand full of fish each on small olive CDC patterns using 3lb fluorocarbon tippet, wonderful fun.

An hour up there seemed more like a minute and it was soon time to try and make our way back to the car before dark, thank goodness the retracing of our route skills were better than our map reading ones!

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