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The Easy Knot!

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We have been using this knot for a few years now and have found it not only to be easy and reliable, but nice and neat too.  It's so quick and simple, once you know it you'll even be able to do it in the dark, perfect for your Sea trout fishing. It's also very handy when tying droppers as it uses up very little line, so your dropper length will not be eaten into so quickly when changing flies frequently.  We have found this knot great for all types of fly fishing, even abroad for Bonefish, but it doesn't work well with bigger hooks, so just be careful about that.

The best thing about this knot is when you do it wrong it just slips straight off, so you know it's not right and you can try again.  Once you have the knack you won't look back.

We have used an orange braid here just for visibility.


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