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Unusual Catches

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Over the winter while out and about fishing on the Shropshire canal we've come across some unusual fish.  This Roach may not seem that unusual but it is when it's caught on a lure.  Shauns Dad Tony had 2 Roach on this particular stretch of the canal, both took the new Daiwa Japaneese micro lures fished with the tiny berkley jig head hooks.  So if you know of any places where there's a few hidden Roach why not try this method?

The other strange thing we hauled out was this unfortunate looking Pike, that has obviously got some strange kind of grown in it's mouth.  We've only ever seen this sort of thing before on a fishing programme where Mick Brown caught a huge Pike with a similar growth on it's snout.  We debated if it would have been kinder to put this fish out if it's misery, but as it was obviously still feeding and looked in good condition otherwise, so we set him back to live another day.  This he did, as we spotted him a few weeks later sitting in the margins in the same area.

If you have any similar unusual catches please let us know.  Also please let us know if you have any information on what this sort of growth could be.


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