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What a Wrasse!

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The last two weekends outtings for team Foxons seem to have been full of Wrasse, but we'll have to wait a while until we see another one like the moster Shaun caught this Sunday!

Last Sunday we ventured out on the little rib again and had a great day (although it was a little too windy) catching a good mixed bag of fish on lures.  We found some great Wrasse fishing close into the cliffy rocks, then some Mackerel futher out, some nice Pollack in the kelp beds and even a couple of Codling.  Shaun totally wiped the floor with me and Rob using his Fiiish black minnows, he just couldn't go wrong with them - catching a Bass and about 13 Wrasse while we tried everything else in our boxes.  Needless to say we've both invested since that trip and have been practicing rigging them up, as they can be a bit fiddley, especially when you're bobbing about on the sea!

This Sunday just gone was another camping expedition.  As with the last few weeks it's all been about the evenings fishing to try and get the Bass, as they just don't seem to be in the shallows with this bright sunshine we've been getting.  The lads went out accross the rocks for their evening session while I walked the dogs along the beach, I felt like taking the easy option this time!  They both fished into dark, Shaun managed to get nice 4lb Bass on his Lucky Craft Gunfish lure and Rob hooked but lost a good SeaTrout of about 5-7lb.

In the morning we had a trawl through some rock pools with a net after shrimps to use as bait, then off we went like a bunch of kids with our floats.  It was great fun, there's nothing quite like watching a float bob about then dissapearing under the surface.  Shaun soon got fed up with Rob and I in kiddies corner and went off with his lures in search of a big Wrasse that he'd seen around the headland a few weeks back.  He found it too!  When he returned a couple of hours later he was elated, but also a bit upset.  He'd had the biggest Wrasse any of us had ever seen but also he'd broken his favourite Bass rod.  Oh well, I know a place he'll be able to get a new one!  This monster of a wrasse was a super colourful specimen and weighed 6.5lb on his boga grip scales, it was like something you'd see overseas while snorkeling, absolutly beautiful.  As you can see in the picture it took my favourite, a 6" Slug-go lure fished with a cone weight at the front, I love these lures and this just shows they work for all sorts.


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