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Wrigley Worms!

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 "What on Earth are these things...?!" Quite possibly the most heard phrase in the shop right now, as people view the thousands of flies on offer and then set eyes on the FNF Chewing Gum worm. Admittedly not for the purist, these "things" work!

 I've been trialling the Chewing Gum since the turn of the year (mainly because Shaun won't go near it...) and have had sensational results! It has been deadly for me at Llyn Brenig, Graiglwyd Springs and Crud-Y-Gwynt so far...

 As you can see, they're incredibly easy to tie so are perfect for a beginner and it's been fun to get more of an understanding of how sink rates affect bites on-the-drop by using various plastic, brass or tungsten beads. What seemed to work best in colder weather was equal lengths either side of the bead fished static, hard on the bottom using a tungsten bead. (Plus at a very snowy Graiglwyd in February it was a bonus to be able to keep one hand on the handwarmer!) 

 This stretchy, rubbery fritz has a very neutral buoyancy so when the weather warmed up I had some good results using plastic beads or small brass beads to alter the sink rate and help keep the worms in the kill zone for longer. It was well worth changing between colours to give the rainbows something new to look at and provoke an aggressive take. Brighter colours worked best higher up the water column; hulk, watermelon, sweetcorn. Jumbo size seems to get noticed better here too.

 And then on those difficult days when nothing seems to work, what has quickly become my "if all else fails" method is to fish a long 8" length of the original size in a subtle colour like the black or biscuit and making it sink as slowly as possible right to the bottom and inch it back very, very slowly... Remember, it hovers/floats so it's like a leach or worm sticking upright and wriggling tantalisingly. After 3 hours of nothing this worked first cast at Llyn Brenig and then picked up 4 fish in an hour!

It also nailed this bonus blue trout at Graiglwyd Springs this week too!

 So if you fish for rainbows and you're a fan of lures, why not give the FNF Chewing Gum worm a try?

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