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You Must Be Codding...

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Armed with copious quantities of frozen lugworm, squid and razorfish from the Foxons freezer, I headed to Eastham for a session on the River Mersey with my mate Lewis on Tuesday evening.

 The first hour was slow, with not much happening until the tide began to move across the mussel bed, then the hordes arrived and the tip of my Century danced and vibrated to the persistent rattle of whiting bites. As I left things to develop, Lewis reeled in a small whiting.

YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!! A short while later I was walking towards him cradling my prize, asking for a photo...and for some reason I don't think he was too impressed? Not sure why!
"You must be joking!" were some of the cleaner words used...

Such a fat little thing, I thought it would have weighed much, much more than it did.

I re-baited and re-cast, this time adding strips of razor clam to my 3 hook clipped paternoster and almost immediately my rod slammed over and sprung back. Furiously winding to pick up the slack and make contact, there was nothing there. Missed!

 The next few casts were back to the rattles, followed by some bigger pulls resulting in two nice sized whiting.


Biggest of the pair must have been around a pound and a half (or 3lb on Sea Angler scales). Still Lewis kept grumbling about my earlier cod. He really wasn't happy about it, yet when I tried to reassure him that there was absolutely nothing fishy about my catch it seemed to wind him up even more! The air was blue!

Another hour later, the whiting must have passed through and I had a slow nodding cod bite that wasn't doing enough to break the lead out. This greedy little 6inch codlet was the culprit!

 He definitely had eyes bigger than his belly, taking four big black lugworm and two razor clam on a 3/0 pennel. To be fair, he wasn't anywhere near as stuffed as the earlier cod though...

What a whopper!

Crabs started stripping the baits quickly without the whiting around, Lewis was packing up after landing a similar sized codlet so I thought I'd try something different for the last cast. In Foxons we have a selection of carp fishing essentials and having seen (and smelled) some of the Dynamite fish oil pop-up baits I thought would make good floating bait stops for sea fishing. So I trimmed a few down and gave them a try...

And 20mins later, I reeled in a double shot of Mersey catfish...

Not the most exciting fish to catch, but if you get two rockling in a match plagued by undersized whiting it can win you prizes, so well worth thinking about!

All in all, a good fun session even though the big cod never showed up for us. Tides were possibly a bit on the large side but it was pretty comfortable to fish in with a 6oz lead.

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