• FNF Jumbo Chewing Gum 6mm
  • FNF Jumbo Chewing Gum 6mm

FNF Jumbo Chewing Gum is a synthetic material designed primarily for worm patterns however it has many different uses, for example shrimp bodies.

FNF have taken the already very successful Chewing Gum and beefed it up to really grab the attention in the water. Testing this product was very exciting and quickly found favour with some of Britain’s best match bank anglers. Make a worm pattern and fish it under an indicator for loads of fun!

Jumbo Chewing Gum has a micro core making it easy to tie with, it is also a strong resilient material.

This product is not made through an extruded process making it legal for certain competitions.

FNF Jumbo Chewing Gum 6mm

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