• Guideline Fario Rods
  • Guideline Fario Rods

Are you aware that “fario” means trout? Fario is the Latin word for trout that live in rivers and streams, Salmo trutta fario, if we are to be precise. The new Fario Trout Series are produced with deep, stable and strong actions, aimed at the serious trout angler. These are rods that will handle big fish without sacrificing feeling and delicacy. So important when fishing with thin tippets for selective trophy trout. The deep, yet very precise action in these rods will appeal to both intermediate and expert fly casters and anglers. They will handle long lifts, Spey casts, delicate presentations or distance casts with equal ease. We believe they will become many an angler's “best friend” in the next years. Fario expresses classic elegance and style with tasteful, subtle coloring and finish, with attention to the small details to lift it just that little bit above the rest.

  • A nice deep Medium Fast action, supported by a strong, precise tip.
  • Enough power for long casts, yet sensitive and subtle for “in-close” fishing.
  • Actions absorb those first hard to control moves and sudden explosions of big fish hooked at a short to medium distance.
  • Short to mid range fishing is supported by the deeper, immediate reaction of the whole rod during casting.
  • These rods will generate a high line speed and with the stronger upper section, tailing loop problems are reduced.
  • The deep load into the butt section makes for easy Spey and roll casts even in the lighter line weights and shorter lengths.

Guideline Fario Rods

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