• Sidewinder Weedless Minnow (Green/Yellow spot)
  • Sidewinder Weedless Minnow (Green/Yellow spot)

The Sidewinder Weedless Minnows represent extensive testing and research by sea anglers to find a workable Minnow design that really does avoid the snags... Plus the bass love em’ !


  • Salt Trap Tech (STT) - we have used actual salt in the manufacturing process so that they taste salty to fish.

  • Shimmer Skin pearlescent finish.

  • Inbuilt hook tube and back groove for enhanced hook ups and great Sidewinder action!

  • Best quality components and Mustad hooks throughout.

  • 2 Complete Weedless Minnows per blister pack

Sidewinder Weedless Minnow (Green/Yellow spot)

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