• Marryat Tactical Series
  • Marryat Tactical Series

Marryat Tactical series rods are the result of years of technical research combined with input from some of the world’s most talented fishermen. First and foremost,      these are fishing rods! They are superb at casting a long line with tight loops but don’t be fooled, there is more to fishing than distance. From the moment you get a Tactical rod in your hand you can tell that it is different – it is very light and quite “tippy” when you feel the action, so you can cast it all day. Its modern action makes it powerful, fast and accurate yet it is sensitive and responsive enough to fish a dry fly or nymph on fine tippet at close quarters. When you hook a fish you will realise why these rods are different – sensitivity - unlike other good casting rods, Marryat Tactical rods are designed to play a trophy fish on fine tackle without the risk of losing it to stressed tippet!

The Tactical Series offers a rod for almost every situation; Light tackle aficionados can choose stream rods from 7ft and 8ft 3-weight and the now classic 4-weights. These rods are delicate enough for close work on the brooks and streams of England yet are powerful enough to cast a line down to the backing. Reviewed as probably the best value premium rods available these 4-weights are true to their line rating, unlike many of their American counterparts “4-means-4,”especially important when it comes to the 10 footer both available in 4 and 5-weight versions which excel when it comes to Czech- and French-style nymph techniques where a fast and light tip-section are essential for detecting a take on a short line.

Classic Tactical 9ft 5 and 6-weight rods easily out-perform competitors with finesse and reserves of power that are needed to present bigger flies on rivers and lakes. This range also features a 10ft 7/8-weight to cater for bigger open water and boat fishing and a 9ft 8-weight brings the sheer power needed to stop saltwater predators and sea trout in their tracks.

The high modulus blank has been specially designed to be light weight, accurate and provide the power to punch a big lure into the wind or delicately present a dry fly under a tree.

Marryat Tactical Series

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