• Tackle House Node
  • Tackle House Node

The main targets of CONTACT NODE are sea bass or flatfish in the surf. The silhouette from above features the fatty tail, which provides enhanced aerodynamic characteristics during casting. But that’s not all. It has also made it possible to extend the built-in   K-TEN system movable weight to the very end of the tail. And the result? A greater casting distance than ever before thanks to the combined effect of aerodynamics and shifting center of gravity. With its excellent aerodynamic characteristics, the whole body is resistant to side winds, meaning it can be used with confidence even in stormy surf or on rocky shores. It features a plain and rolling action. Because it can go underwater to a moderate depth (around 60-90 cm with the floating model) and its specific gravity is set closer to that of the water, CONTACT NODE will surely find the feeding zone and exhibit its abilities with an action that is not too ostentatious, even under severe conditions.

  • Length - 130mm
  • Weight - 18g
  • Dives up to 60-90cm
  • Owner Trebles

Tackle House Node

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