• Rovex Ceratec Travel Bass 8' 20-40gr
  • Rovex Ceratec Travel Bass 8' 20-40gr

For the travelling angler this is a great 4pc version to stow away in the boot of the car.

Built to handle that most sporting of inshore predators, the Ceratec Sea Bass rod from Rovex is a joy to fish with. The powerful carbon blanks have a three stage action with loads of power low down to handle big fish, a stiff mid section to give the necessary casting power and tips that are the perfect blend to be stiff enough to give superb lure control yet forgiving enough to give really good sport.

The stunning pearl blanks with carbon mesh finish look absolutely stunning and are the perfect complement to Rovex Ceratec Spinning reels.

8ft length

20-40g casting weight

4 piece

Rovex Ceratec Travel Bass 8' 20-40gr

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