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What makes us different?

 Here at Foxons we believe that we can truly offer a whole new experience when it comes to buying your tackle. Not only do we have a gorgeous shop that’s super well stocked but first and foremost all the team here live and breathe fishing, we don’t just sell the tackle, we use it too!

Being a family business since 1967 we understand the importance of a personal customer service backed up with knowledge and practical experience. We are so lucky to have the beautiful river Elwy here at the back of the shop giving our customers the unique chance to try before you buy, and maybe ask for a few pointers if you’re new to it all.

We are a small team with a large scope of knowledge and will always be happy to share any advice we can to help you enjoy your fishing experience as much as we do.

  We have Shaun ‘GB’ Ellis. Part fish, part man! This guy really does think like a fish and has a natural understanding of angling like no other. We have come to describe him as consistently lucky, hence his middle initials!

Brought up coarse angling in Shropshire, moving over to fly fishing as a teenager, now spending most of his summers on the coast and winters on the river, he really is an all-rounder with a font of knowledge to share.

Whether you need to know about Seatrout flies, salmon lines, Pike lures or Saltwater fly rods Shaun will have some excellent advice all based on plenty of personal experience.

 We have Rob Forshaw, mega sea angler! Fishing matches since practically a toddler, there’s not a lot Rob doesn’t know when it comes to catching in the sea, that includes a geek-like wealth of knowledge on Bass lures too.

He’s also a wizz when it comes to multiplier reels - stripping one down, servicing it then reassembling it pretty much blind fold; so if you’ve got a sticky reel or just one that needs some TLC, Robs your man.

Don’t let this put you off asking his advice when it comes to river fishing though, he’s on top of that too - we’re super proud (and a bit jealous) that in his first ever season of fishing the rivers he caught over 50 Seatrout and a spectacular Salmon, and then in his second season caught more than 40 Seatrout on his own flies!

  We have Mike Williams, Team Foxons captain, Welsh International and member of the Commonwealth Championships team, plus winner of the 2016 Clywedog Trout Fishing League.

With a vast knowledge of stillwater trout fishing, Mike is a fantastic guy to talk to if you’re just getting going with fly fishing. Not only has he got a wealth of knowledge from his competition fishing, he’s also spent a lot of time Grayling fishing on the River Dee and has fished out in Cuba for Bonefish on several occasions.

Tying flies is another skill Mike is happy to share and offer advice on, he will often be found behind the vice here knocking up some beautiful flies (as well as some awful ones!).

 Last but not least we have Renee Foxon, rod builder. The name says it all, it’s in her blood. Brought up fly fishing on the River Elwy and rod building from the age of 15, Renee has a bank of experience, knowledge and skills she’s ready to share.

If you need anything from a custom rod build, a total refurb to just a new rod-ring she’ll be glad to help you out or offer advice if you want to give it a go yourself.

In recent years, most of her fishing has been done along the coast; whether that be lure fishing for Bass locally or fly fishing for Bonefish in the Bahamas.

As long as it’s not freezing cold she’ll be out fishing with the team giving them a run for their money!

 Not to be left out, but probably needs no introduction to our regulars we have Dotty, the shop dog, head of security!

An ever-present part of the team whether it be in the shop or out and about. There’s not much of our coast line that hasn’t been trampled by these small paws and her whines of frustration can be heard across the water when fish are rising but you just can’t hook up, and we can all sympathise with that pain!