Airflo Superflo Flats Universal Intermediate Fly Line

Airflo Superflo Flats Universal Intermediate Fly Line is designed to load quickly


Heavy crabs into gnarly winds one day, and bonefish patterns into a light breeze the next. When you don’t know what to expect, a do-it-all flats line is the answer. Designed to load quickly, the short belly and long rear taper create the most versatile line in our saltwater flats range. This is the taper for the vast majority of conditions, fly rods, and anglers.

Also available as an Intermediate: The quintessential dredge line, now with the Ridge 2.0 Superflo treatment for reduxed line diamter and improved performance. Ideal for throwing larger Tarpon flies when searching for fish holding in channels. The naturally slim diameter of this Intermediate line also enables it to slice through the strong winds better than any intermediate line in existance. Power core provides solid hook sets.

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