Daiwa NewEra SLR


The designers brief was simple: create a fly rod range that would both cast further and more accurately. Not much to ask! With all rods torque control and power conversion are the keys to distance and accuracy. The NewEra SLR’s have been designed around a foundation of X45 Bias Carbon technology. The two directions of the high grade carbon sheet have each been manipulated into 45° effectively transmitting the energy and compression evenly around the blank but resisting twist during loading. This application of our own Bias material effectively ‘doubles’ the control level of blank twist and buckling. Combined with a responsive and crisp recovery in the front end each NewEra delivers notably more precise line control, directional change and improved energy conversion: accuracy and distance all in one. The V-Joint system also offers a hidden benefit. The innovative over-cap system allows the rod to internally maintain a Constant Taper Profile. Unlike normal over cap joints the NewEra does not increase in diameter at each female joint and then reduce quickly. It is shaped even and constant. This results in a purer power transfer. Each rod was subjected to exhaustive testing and fine tuning by Hywel Morgan ensuring that each one not only delivers the intended line rating but has the ability to comfortably handle a rating range either side of that indicated. Titanium SiC guides combined with single leg snakes ensure slick line travel and to round the challenge off we achieved all this in a four section assembly.

X45 Bias carbon technology combined with HVF (High Volume Fibre)

Constant Taper Profile (internal)

Innovative V-Joint overcap

Unique Daiwa reel seat

Fuji Titanium SiC stripper guides

Stainless steel snake single legs

Travel tube with compartments

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