Drennan Stick Float


Drennan Sticks feature a slim, balsa body and a heavy plastic stem for stability and are an extremely popular choice for presenting baits such as maggots and casters in flowing water for species like roach, dace, and chub.

Traditional stick floats were originally made with a slim balsa body, merging into a heavy cane or lignum stem. Non-buoyant plastic is more reliable and clinically consistent and provides the perfect balance for on-the-drop and with-the-flow presentation every time.

Designed for close-range river fishing, Drennan Sticks are always attached top and bottom with silicone float rubbers.


  • 5 No6 – 0.5g
  • 4 No4 – 0.75g
  • 6 No4 – 1g
  • 8 No4 – 1.5g
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