Duo Tide Minnow Surf 150

designed to be used in rough water


The Tide Minnow Surf 150 is the Grand Daddy of the Tide Minnows. This lure is awesome, it is a heavy duty beefed up version of its smaller brothers.

The Tide-Minnow 150 Surf was conceived to target the bigger seabass that feed on larger bait-fish. This is a user-friendly minnow which has none of the negative characteristics of most other large lures on the market, such as difficulty casting or a heavy feel while reeling. While it handles surprisingly easily, this minnow does have a large body that ensures a superior ability to attract game fish.

It will cast for miles as it weighs 29g and is very aerodynamic as it has such a small diving bib. 15cm long and “chunkier” than the others it has two rattles, high and low, for every occasion. The “Surf” models are designed to be used in rough water with swell etc, or from a beach in to the surf, where the extra girth of the body keeps the lure on track.

Length. 150mm

Weight. 29gr

Depth. 30 – 100cm

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