Flybox Pulse

A new Hackle version of Eggstasy


Flybox PULSE is a new Hackle version of Eggstasy.  We call it a “slush-hackle”.  Made of thicker Eggstasy Fibers and double sided, PULSE quite literally Pulses between pulls in the water.   It also creates a unique teardrop profile in the water.

Flybox PULSE was used pre-release in the Ladies International in Wales in July 2018 where it helped the Welsh team take gold.   On a number of occasions since, PULSE has picked up fish steadily when normal Fritz has failed.   We’ve attributed the success of PULSE down to it’s unique shape and movement in the water.

PULSE can be trimmed down for use on nymphs or cormorants – and can even be used as a collar hackle due to it’s super thin core.

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