Guideline LPX Tactical


Guideline LPX Tactical combines nothing less than cutting edge technology and a new definition of state-of-the-art rod actions for trout fishing. Guideline LPX Tactical has a distinct and very precise action that gradually unleashes when you load the rods more and more. The action is what we like to describe as fast ¾ deep with superb stability that suits all levels of fly casters. When casting at shorter distance the tip and mid-section gives you plenty of that important sensitivity you need, at mid and longer distance the lower parts of the rod engages and give you all the connection, power, and stability you dreamed of. These rods are nothing short of exceptional: Super smooth, yet rigid and master all the different types of casts you like to do and protect the finest tippets playing your trophy trout. Ultralight in hand and in real weight – 9ft  #5 weighs just 71 grams!


The 9ft rods are superlight fly rods for those who favour this classical length with the advantage of true lightweight feeling for the recommended line wt. Incredibly versatile and less affected by wind, they have a faster action than the 9’9 rods. The rods in #2-#3 in the 9ft range are true dry fly and nymphing rods for the most delicate fishing with the finest tippets. The #4 and #5 are go-to rods nr 1 for allround dry and nymphing in all types of waters. The properties in these are equally good fishing on short and long distance with all types of casts. The #6 wt rod is for those who seek more wind exposed areas and want a rod to manage streamers well too. The #7wt is there to hammer out those chunky articulated streamers with heavy sinking lines.

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