Hart Inchiku 30-06


This Inchiku or bullet jig is like a bullet equipped with a vibrant vinyl tail rigged with an Asari Double Assist Hook. It does not sink straight down like a conventional jig, but gradually glides down. Retrieval is more horizontal than vertical. When sinking down, the skirt folds over the bullet and, when coming up, it remains underneath, generating an irresistible action for predators.

Lure retrieval must be slow and paused, interspersed with a brief, light wrist action. The Hart Inchiku gets down into the kill zone fast! Once it hits the bottom you can work it like a slow jig fished “longfall”. This involves pitching the rod up and slowly lowering it again allowing the jig to work with little resistance. When fishing this technique it’s always good to watch you braid for on the drop hits. If it goes slack then you need to wind down and engage that fish! When cod are higher up in the water you can fish this lure using the “longfall” method but retrieve a little braid each time so you cover the entire water column. Short sharp lifts of the rods and cranks for the reel can also induce a strike.


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